Cerritos California Restaurants

If you're looking for an Asian-inspired late-night dinner, the Umaya Lounge is the place to be in Cerritos. They serve a wide range of dishes, from tacos to chilli tacos, made with Doritos instead of corn tortillas. Typical dishes include mole dumplings smothered in the house - Oaxacan-style tacos with short ribs garnished with pickled radishes and homemade goma. Look at their house, where they make chillies, chiles de cilantro or their chicharron, a chilli quile made from Doritsos, instead of corn in a tortilla.

The Pho base is simple but tasty, and they give you a bowl of it with one side when you order the shaken beef. You can shake beef and order it yourself or try one of the other dishes, such as chicken and pork buns, for a more complex and tasty experience.

The Japanese Tsuyu soup base is served with meat and vegetables cooked in a pot, combined with broth and noodles. All you need is a bowl of soup, a cup of pasta and a little salt and pepper.

Pier 76 lifts things up a few steps, with everything in the house being made from scratch and an outdoor dining area with a fireplace. The dark wood interiors give a warm feel, and there are many outdoor seating areas and a large outdoor terrace. Flavor Pho is one of the most popular dishes at Pier 76, but it can get crowded at weekends.

The sunny dining area at Flavor Pho is comfortable and cosy, surrounded by warm wooden interiors and a large outdoor terrace with fireplace.

Cavera - inspired decor that gives the impression of a dream come true, complete with open kitchen and large outdoor terrace. The dishes are filtered through Ortega's unique vision, which incorporates innovation while preserving authenticity. This restaurant offers everything from roasted locusts to candied bacon, pork belly and pork ribs. Innovation meets authenticity in the form of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and fresh herbs, as well as fresh seafood.

Sometimes you just need a bit of luck, a few ingredients and a willingness to do everything better - and sometimes a bit more.

The first thing you notice when you enter the Amor Y taco, which has a front door, is that someone is putting their hands up - and making fresh tortillas. The restaurant is casual - you order at the cash desk, bring the food to the table and everything is served.

Cerritos also has a shopping mall that is constantly crowded with dozens of families and young people. It seems that the culinary scene in Cerrito is not only in the shadow of the shopping center because of the upscale restaurants.

This innovation is gaining momentum and influencing the food scene. Chefs and entrepreneurs are courageously leading the way and hope that the suburb is ready to serve this innovation in the form of new restaurants, food trucks and even a restaurant chain.

The suburb of Cerritos, located north of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley in California, is located at the confluence of freeways 5, 91 and 605. The city began its rapid transformation into a suburb in 1965 with the opening of its first grocery store, and in 1967 the name of the city was changed to "CerritOS." The area was called "Little Hill" by a Spaniard and owes its name to the hills that now surround it. Originally it was surrounded by dairy land, reflecting the area's long history as a dairy town and its status as an agricultural center.

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